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per month

10% off quarterly
30% off per year


per month

10% off quarterly
30% off per year


per month

10% off quarterly
30% off per year


per month

Dialogues per month 1000 5 000 15 000 50 000
Price for additional dialogue $0.04 $0.03 $0.02 $0.01
Contract Monthly Monthly Monthly Yearly
Marketing and Sales Automation
Help Desk Automation
Job Queue
Online store
Custom tables
Integrations with any systems
A complete messenger app
Seamless transfer of dialogue from a bot to a person
Installation on your servers
Products in the online store 100
Stored database size 100 MB
Number of integrations 15
Number of external API calls 15 000
The number of calls to the Bot API of your bot 15 000
Number of trigger calls 15 000
Direct integrations from Metabot
Channels from Jivo
Channels from Livetex
Channels from Umnico
Channels from Webim
Channels from Bitrix24
Automatic backup
Support channels Email and chat
Support Hours On weekdays
from 10 to 16 Moscow time
Help with setup 3
Personal manager
Service Level Agreement
Development environment
Access to documentation, templates and cases
Training your employee to work with the builder
Improvements to our system for individual needs
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Development of a chat bot or sales tunnel

Need professional help or no time? Our team is at your service: communication engineers, bot designers, messenger marketers, programmers, integrators, copywriters and others.

We solve problems of any complexity. Do you need a bot consultant for the first contact? We will make a first-class bot that will answer frequently asked questions, write down contacts in CRM, take an order and transfer the client to a person.

Need marketing and sales automation? No problems. We have implemented hundreds of auto funnels in different niches.

Need to solve a non-standard problem unique to your business? Using our platform, we are able to implement any logic and integration.


from $350

per bot

  • Communication audit
  • Concept creation
  • Scenario development
  • Writing dialogues
  • Testing and launch
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